Standing tall in the heart of downtown Toronto, The Well is Canada’s most ambitious landmark development. The development blends work, wellness and community living, to provide residents with a balanced lifestyle on their doorstep. These condominiums have been designed in such a way that the amenities act as an extension of the home, rather than a separate entity.

Unique from the neighbouring buildings, The Well E reveals an intimate lobby, brought to life by a stunning feature ceiling which reflects the form of an undulating folding origami plane. Designed to mask mechanical elements, this challenge resulted in a magnificent example in the manipulation of light and shadow to create atmospheric movement.

The project is mostly monolithic in its palette for its base colouration, with interchangeable subtle punches of color to ensure a timeless design throughout the building. The geometric form of the lobbies ceiling inspires a subtle design language and consistency to the community areas above.

In these areas you will find state-of-the-art amenities, encouraging both wellness of the body and the mind. The seventh floor offers private social zones for residents to host guests capable of holding a range of events varying in size, with fitness areas adjacent. The contemporary palette continues throughout the tower, speaking to an international audience and timeless in its quality.

Beyond the condominium, the development brings to the area a host of new retail and dining experiences, along with expansive office space, rounding off the live, work, play ambition when the project was first imagined.

Photography by David Whittaker