Hikari is the Japanese word meaning “light” or “to shine”. The Hikari Collection for Metro Wallcoverings and Koroseal is a series of six patterns, all customizable in colour and scale, with the objective of bringing the textural influence of light into any interior environment.

Inspired by the relationship of light on various surfaces in nature, each pattern demonstrates a different property of light. Light is reflective, refractive, luminous, creates shadow, brings warmth, inspires hope, and instills a sense of calmness, and serenity – all of these natural occurrences are represented in the Hikari Collection.

Hikari Collection was designed for any interior, and caters to a wide range of interior settings – hotels, residential condos, healthcare, educational and institutional establishments.

Whether it’s the mist-like effect of Sumi; the ripples and ribbons in Zephyr; the refraction captured through Renzu; the textural shapes in Noren; the play of light and shadow in Ori: or meditative linearity in Hokime, each Hikari pattern gracefully engages the interior.

With a total of six unique patterns, each is multi-dimensional, timeless, and can be used in various interior applications. All patterns are included below.

Available now through Metro Wallcoverings and Koroseal.