The Aquavista Rug Collection is a series of five carpets custom designed exclusively for the Aquavista Residence of the Bayside Waterfront Community, the newest residential development on the beautiful shores of one of Canada’s greatest cities, Toronto.

The inspiration behind the Collection is drawn from Canada’s spectacular natural landscape and the topography of Toronto’s waterscape. Topographic maps and weather maps of the area around which the development is located were studied to understand how design could be used to connect the Collection to the exterior geography.

Available now through Elte.
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Aquavista Rugs, Interior Design Awards, Best of Year, Residential Flooring Rugs + Carpets, Finalist, 2019
Aquavista Rugs, Urban Design and Architecture Awards, Household Products, 2019
Aquavista Rugs, INDUSTART Awards, Interior Objects, 2019